Shetlanders in Australia.

Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CUMMING, Andrina  24 Oct 1883Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I164330
2 CUMMING, Catherine  27 Jan 1878Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56719
3 CUMMING, Catherine  30 Jun 1881Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I164325
4 CUMMING, William James  17 Jun 1879Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I164324
5 DUNCAN, Charles Philip  10 Feb 1910Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I73795
6 DUNCAN, Emmie Jane  11 Jun 1911Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I73806
7 DUNCAN, Captain John James  19 Aug 1837Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41722
8 DUNCAN, John James  26 Aug 1858Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I42429
9 DUNCAN, John James  13 Jun 1876Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41726
10 DUNCAN, Phyllis Catherine  23 Aug 1874Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41725
11 DUNCAN, Walter  20 May 1869Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I73779
12 DUNCAN, Walter  14 Jan 1908Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I66782
13 DUNCAN, Captain William  11 Apr 1839Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41729
14 DUNCAN, William  7 Oct 1866Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41724
15 FULLERTON, Ann Jane  15 Jan 1890Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41715
16 FULLERTON, Catherine  6 May 1894Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41716
17 FULLERTON, David  26 Mar 1892Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I210091
18 FULLERTON, James  27 Jun 1888Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41714
19 FULLERTON, John Duncan  1 Dec 1886Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41713
20 FULLERTON, Robert  2 Mar 1903Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41717
21 FULLERTON, Samuel  20 May 1896Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I23611
22 HENRY, Arthur Pottinger  5 Aug 1916Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I196112
23 HENRY, James Pottinger  14 Dec 1906Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56773
24 HENRY, Joan Mary Goodlad  Jan 1915Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I196111
25 HENRY, Norman Ian Ross  2 Dec 1924Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I72949
26 HUMPHRAY, John  17 Jul 1824Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I96825
27 HUMPHRAY, Thomas  20 Nov 1821Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I258750
28 PETERKIN, Elizabeth Pottinger  29 Sep 1915Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I164328
29 PETERKIN, Madeleine O’Brien  4 Jul 1914Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I164327
30 PETERKIN, Thomasina  5 Aug 1916Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I164329
31 POTTINGER, ?  9 Oct 1893Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I88997
32 POTTINGER, Arthur  8 Jan 1840Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I72939
33 POTTINGER, Arthur  20 Sep 1916Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56731
34 POTTINGER, Catherine Grace  5 Mar 1876Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56707
35 POTTINGER, Cecilia Barbara  23 Jan 1889Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56712
36 POTTINGER, Christina  10 Dec 1829Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I72961
37 POTTINGER, Cissie  1 Dec 1917Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I167972
38 POTTINGER, Elizabeth  11 Jul 1836Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I72962
39 POTTINGER, Elizabeth  26 Apr 1873Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56706
40 POTTINGER, Elizabeth Henry  13 Jun 1847Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56717
41 POTTINGER, George  27 Sep 1842Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I75932
42 POTTINGER, James  25 Mar 1859Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I55948
43 POTTINGER, James Andrew  31 Jul 1919Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56699
44 POTTINGER, James Arthur  9 Aug 1883Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I72958
45 POTTINGER, Jean  28 Aug 1849Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I75935
46 POTTINGER, Johan  8 Sep 1874Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I88233
47 POTTINGER, John  8 Jul 1827Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I37438
48 POTTINGER, John  15 Oct 1850Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I69544
49 POTTINGER, John James  27 Sep 1888Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I55947
50 POTTINGER, John William  11 Aug 1884Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I207902

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHRISTIE, Robert  11 Aug 1957Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56825
2 CUMMING, Andrew  17 Aug 1883Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56718
3 CUMMING, Andrina  10 Sep 1964Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I164330
4 CUMMING, Catherine  11 Feb 1880Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56719
5 CUMMING, Catherine  20 Jan 1950Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I164325
6 CUMMING, William James  28 Dec 1879Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I164324
7 DUNCAN, Captain John Robert  27 Aug 1953Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I73793
8 DUNCAN, Walter  6 Jan 1944Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I73779
9 DUNCAN, Walter  21 Jan 1982Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I66782
10 DUNCAN, Captain William  17 Feb 1872Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41729
11 FULLERTON, Ann Jane  10 May 1891Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41715
12 FULLERTON, Catherine  21 Oct 1895Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41716
13 FULLERTON, David  4 Mar 1940Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41711
14 FULLERTON, James  7 Apr 1889Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41714
15 FULLERTON, John Duncan  5 Feb 1904Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41713
16 GOODLAD, Cecilia  9 Oct 1893Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56705
17 GOODLAD, Mary  14 Dec 1933Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I55949
18 GOUDIE, Mattie  9 Nov 1905Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I183779
19 HENRY, Elizabeth  18 Sep 1829Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56721
20 HENRY, Joan Mary Goodlad  6 Jun 1915Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I196111
21 HENRY, John  19 Mar 1910Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I168135
22 HUMPHRAY, Catherine  24 Feb 1875Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56715
23 HUMPHRAY, Jeremiah  5 Jan 1858Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56720
24 PETERKIN, Thomasina  28 Nov 1997Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I164329
25 POTTINGER, ?  9 Oct 1893Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I88997
26 POTTINGER, Barbara  25 Feb 1885Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I72960
27 POTTINGER, Christina  18 Feb 1885Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I72961
28 POTTINGER, Douglas  20 Sep 1990Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56703
29 POTTINGER, Elizabeth Henry  10 Aug 1916Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56717
30 POTTINGER, James Arthur  15 Mar 1885Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I72958
31 POTTINGER, Johan  12 May 1939Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I88233
32 POTTINGER, John Laurence  13 Jan 1883Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I72957
33 POTTINGER, Malcolm  20 Jan 1859Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56716
34 POTTINGER, Margaret  18 Aug 1859Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I72968
35 POTTINGER, Matthew  11 Apr 1912Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56704
36 POTTINGER, Matthew  21 Feb 1929Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I197609
37 POTTINGER, Ophelia  8 May 1870Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I41728
38 POTTINGER, William  29 Oct 1884Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56714
39 SINCLAIR, Margaret Ann  18 Nov 1954Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I73780
40 SLATER, Andrina  5 Dec 1904Branchiclate, Burra, SHI, SCT I56726