Shetlanders in Australia.

Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHRISTIE, Barbara  14 Sep 1882Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I79055
2 CUMMING, Jemima  23 May 1888Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I62763
3 CUMMING, John James  5 Oct 1889Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I62760
4 CUMMING, Mary Jane  3 Dec 1879Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I62761
5 CUMMING, Rachel  18 Jul 1878Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I62781
6 DAVIDSON, Helen  1845Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I52831
7 GOODLAD, James  17 Jul 1884Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I70545
8 LAURENSON, Catherine Grace  4 Jun 1902Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50690
9 LAURENSON, Cecilia Margaret  7 May 1894Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50685
10 LAURENSON, Helen Margaret  18 Mar 1900Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50689
11 LAURENSON, Joan  14 Aug 1892Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50684
12 LAURENSON, John  10 Apr 1890Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50683
13 LAURENSON, John Laurence  30 Jul 1896Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50686
14 LAURENSON, Mary Williamson  6 Jun 1888Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50682
15 LAURENSON, Oliver George  11 Oct 1886Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50681
16 LAURENSON, Thomas Slater  25 Jul 1898Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50687
17 LAURENSON, William Matthew  6 Aug 1904Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50691
18 POTTINGER, Barbara  29 Jul 1848Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I129509
19 POTTINGER, Christina  17 Dec 1858Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I64227
20 POTTINGER, George  19 Jun 1862Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I56835
21 POTTINGER, Helen  3 Oct 1864Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I56777
22 POTTINGER, Helen  1883Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I24667
23 POTTINGER, James  26 Sep 1837Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I56778
24 POTTINGER, Captain James  1 Dec 1857Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I56780
25 POTTINGER, Joan  26 Oct 1860Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I56821
26 POTTINGER, John  26 Sep 1851Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I62869
27 POTTINGER, Margaret  9 May 1873Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I24684
28 POTTINGER, Mary  8 Apr 1859Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I56820
29 POTTINGER, Oliver  15 Jun 1844Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I52029
30 POTTINGER, Oliver William  28 Apr 1866Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I56836
31 POTTINGER, Phyllis  1878Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I108831
32 POTTINGER, Thomas Christie  18 Apr 1886Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I62871
33 POTTINGER, Thomas Christie  10 Jun 1887Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I78823
34 POTTINGER, Thomas Russell  1875Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I54628
35 POTTINGER, William  15 Mar 1846Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I69857
36 POTTINGER, William Davidson  1879Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I171930
37 SMITH, Phyllis  8 Oct 1856Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I52819
38 WILLIAMSON, Clementina Umphray  8 Feb 1849Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I56725
39 WILLIAMSON, James Nicol  14 May 1845Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I62778
40 WILLIAMSON, Jean  4 Jul 1836Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I56873
41 WILLIAMSON, Peter  24 Nov 1851Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I189163
42 WILLIAMSON, Wilhelmina  5 Jan 1842Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I18692


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHRISTIE, Charles Gideon  26 Mar 1939Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I34794
2 CHRISTIE, Lilias  12 Oct 1950Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I44112
3 CUMMING, James  1 Apr 1931Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I62754
4 CUMMING, John James  3 May 1890Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I62760
5 GOODLAD, James  25 Feb 1904Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I47187
6 GOODLAD, Margaret  6 Mar 1940Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50678
7 GOODLAD, Rachel  12 Nov 1926Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50673
8 GOODLAD, Thomas  26 Jun 1888Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I49803
9 HUGHSON, Margaret  3 Feb 1900Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I47191
10 LAURENSON, Andrew  31 Oct 1908Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50680
11 LAURENSON, Catherine Grace  29 May 1903Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50690
12 LAURENSON, Helen Margaret  7 Dec 1909Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50689
13 LAURENSON, James  3 Jan 1937Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50677
14 LAURENSON, Joan  18 Oct 1894Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50684
15 LAURENSON, John  23 Jul 1891Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50683
16 LAURENSON, John Laurence  23 Sep 1916Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I50686
17 POTTINGER, James  3 Jul 1885Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I56837
18 POTTINGER, Oliver William  22 Jun 1866Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I56836
19 POTTINGER, Thomas Christie  24 Apr 1886Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I62871
20 SMITH, Helen  24 Jan 1896Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT I56838


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CUMMING / GOODLAD  6 Dec 1881Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT F15845
2 JAMIESON / SMITH  9 Feb 1888Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT F21640
3 POTTINGER / CHRISTIE  11 Mar 1875Southerhouse, Burra, SHI, SCT F15761