Shetlanders in Australia.

Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CUMMING, Catherine  17 Feb 1892Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I47186
2 CUMMING, Elizabeth Mary  4 Jul 1913Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I88404
3 CUMMING, John James  27 Aug 1889Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I72857
4 DUNCAN, Margaret Ann  13 Jul 1904Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I42488
5 FRASER, Tamar  25 Mar 1892Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I263810
6 FRASER, Thomas Goodlad  10 Feb 1893Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I219
7 GOODLAD, Catherine  20 Jun 1875Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I42443
8 GOODLAD, Hendry  13 Aug 1868Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I73800
9 GOODLAD, James  30 Jan 1875Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I19163
10 GOODLAD, Jessie Grace  18 Oct 1916Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I48471
11 GOODLAD, Jessie Helen  7 Jun 1873Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I50693
12 GOODLAD, Joan  15 Jul 1860Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I35186
13 GOODLAD, John  3 Jul 1880Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I50700
14 GOODLAD, John James  14 Feb 1872Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I39103
15 GOODLAD, John James  10 Nov 1908Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I55721
16 GOODLAD, Margaret  18 Mar 1858Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I50678
17 GOODLAD, Margaret  24 May 1880Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I53832
18 GOODLAD, Margaret  22 Jan 1882Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I53833
19 GOODLAD, Mary  28 Dec 1858Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I55949
20 GOODLAD, Mary  14 Oct 1877Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I56750
21 GOODLAD, Oliver  14 Apr 1860Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I50668
22 GOODLAD, Oliver  30 Oct 1882Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I73798
23 GOODLAD, Rachel  13 Sep 1855Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I50673
24 GOODLAD, Robert  1836Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I55951
25 GOODLAD, Robert  25 Sep 1868Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I39075
26 GOODLAD, Roberta Mary  29 Nov 1910Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I55722
27 GOODLAD, Thomas  28 Aug 1865Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I39089
28 GOODLAD, Thomas Alexander  5 Feb 1871Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I55681
29 GOODLAD, William  2 Jul 1862Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I62876
30 GOODLAD, William  17 Feb 1875Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I50697
31 GOODLAD, William   I55723
32 GOODLAD, Williamina  1 Nov 1862Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I47393
33 GOODLAD, Williamina  18 May 1873Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I26096
34 GOODLAD, Williamina  12 Jun 1877Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I18690
35 JAMIESON, Elizabeth  2 Dec 1906Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I88241
36 JAMIESON, John James  27 Jun 1878Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I88353
37 JAMIESON, Lilias  4 Sep 1904Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I88355
38 LAURENSON, Elizabeth  24 Jun 1868Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I51113
39 LAURENSON, Laurence  23 Jan 1873Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I108830
40 SLATER, Andrina  1843Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I56726
41 SMITH, Andrew  3 Jun 1915Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I197615
42 SMITH, James  2 Jul 1916Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I197616
43 TAIT, Agnes Mary  5 Feb 1910Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I88279
44 TAIT, Agnes May  18 Aug 1907Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I42351
45 TAIT, Alexander  2 Mar 1901Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I51727
46 TAIT, Andrew  21 Jul 1902Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I42347
47 TAIT, Barbara  18 Aug 1917Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I42356
48 TAIT, Isabella  21 Jul 1898Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I42346
49 TAIT, James  29 Jun 1906Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I42350
50 TAIT, John  22 Nov 1899Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I19323

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CUMMING, Catherine  22 Oct 1897Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I47186
2 CUMMING, Oliver  12 Jan 1922Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I46927
3 CUMMING, Robert  11 Jul 1931Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I47129
4 DALZIEL, Margaret  20 Feb 1914Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I36048
5 FRASER, Tamar  30 Mar 1892Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I263810
6 FULLERTON, Archibald  4 Feb 1920Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I55679
7 GOODLAD, Andrew  23 Dec 1887Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I62857
8 GOODLAD, Catherine  21 Mar 1935Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I47130
9 GOODLAD, Elizabeth  5 Sep 1896Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I56619
10 GOODLAD, Grace  15 Jan 1944Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I55433
11 GOODLAD, James  24 May 1949Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I55719
12 GOODLAD, Jessie Grace  15 Feb 1998Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I48471
13 GOODLAD, John  8 Feb 1944Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I23853
14 GOODLAD, Thomas  5 Jul 1913Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I54224
15 GOODLAD, William  8 Jan 1927Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I46705
16 GOODLAD, Williamina  27 Apr 1965Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I26096
17 HENDERSON, Janet  27 Jul 1883Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I15803
18 JAMIESON, John James  5 Jan 1947Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I88353
19 JAMIESON, Laurann  10 Oct 1888Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I71230
20 LAURIE, Isabella Christie  29 Jan 1929Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I26098
21 POTTINGER, Barbara  17 Mar 1881Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I56710
22 POTTINGER, Margaret  15 May 1948Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I78822
23 SMITH, Barbara Jane  27 Jul 1914Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I197614
24 SMITH, James  20 Mar 1918Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I197616
25 TAIT, Agnes Mary  6 Jan 1923Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I88279
26 TAIT, Agnes May  30 Mar 1909Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I42351
27 TAIT, Andrew  30 Jul 1924Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I42347
28 TAIT, John  4 Apr 1943Meal, Burra, SHI, SCT I26094