Shetlanders in Australia.

Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHRISTIE, Agnes  28 May 1908Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT I79187
2 CHRISTIE, Ann Barbara  1 Jul 1919Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT I79197
3 CHRISTIE, Charles Philip  1 Jul 1915Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT I79195
4 CHRISTIE, Christina Margaret  11 Mar 1917Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT I79196
5 CHRISTIE, Elizabeth Mary  10 Feb 1911Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT I79189
6 CHRISTIE, Gideon Peter   I79190
7 CHRISTIE, John James  3 Apr 1914Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT I79191
8 CHRISTIE, Laurence   I79201
9 CHRISTIE, Robert  16 Sep 1909Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT I79188
10 GOODLAD, Catherine  20 Feb 1851Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT I47130
11 GOODLAD, Cecilia  14 Sep 1848Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT I56705
12 GOODLAD, James  15 Mar 1853Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT I18691
13 LAURENSON, Thomasina  4 Nov 1904Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT I161494
14 SMITH, Elizabeth  29 Dec 1872Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT I118896
15 SMITH, Jessie  1889Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT I35682
16 SMITH, John James  1870Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT I118893
17 SMITH, Thomas  6 May 1881Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT I66779


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHRISTIE, Christina  4 Feb 1934Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT I51794


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GOODLAD / JAMIESON  1 Jun 1847Gussigarth, Burra, SHI, SCT F12365