Shetlanders in Australia.



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101 Accident WARD, Christopher (I172540)
102 Accident PETERKIN, Thomasina (I164329)
103 Accidental Death SMITH, Andrew Blair (I81148)
104 Accidently DUNCAN, James (I62416)
105 Accidently drowned CUMMING, Matthew Cecil (I88243)
106 Accidently drowned SINCLAIR, James William (I81300)
107 Accidently killed MOFFAT, Andrew William (I41278)
108 Accidently killed by a mine. CUMMING, Robert John (I113558)
109 Accidently killed by a mobile crane. FRASER, Joseph Scott (I62660)
110 Accidently killed coming home on christmas leave from R.A.F. DEANS, John (I42448)
111 Accidently killed through the exploding of a mine. WARD, Jeremiah Scott (I88319)
112 Acquired much property throughout the isles.
1722 Had disposition from his father of 60 merks land of Noss and others.
At the north end of Bressay are the ruins of St. Ola’s Church. There is an inscription on the inside lintel of the door in the west end which reads:
“This Chapel was erected to the memory of Magnus Henderson of Gardie, and family, by Eliz Mitchell, his relict. 1743 - John Henderson.” 
HENDERSON, Magnus (I15167)
113 Acute myocardial failure GOODLAD, Barbara (I56445)
114 Acute myocardial failure GOODLAD, Robert (I56415)
115 Acute myocardial failure GOODLAD, Margaret (I50863)
116 Acute Myocardial Failure MCPHERSON, Robert (I41260)
117 Acute myocardial failure, cerebral haemorrhage WILLIAMSON, Ann Jane (I79275)
118 Adam Sinclair of Brew was also charged with the murder of his uncle Matthew Sinclair of Ness, and on 23rd August 1602, he was found guilty by the Assize. However his sentence was not carried out, and he appears to have continued to possess his lands. On 6th June 1597, he is ordained by the Privy Council to find caution to the extent of £1000, for good rule within the same. Further on 1st October 1611, he is charged with others before the sain Council, with having as a servant of the Earl of Orkney, committed all kind of iniquity and wickedness, and was denounced a rebel. SINCLAIR, Adam (I9291)
119 Adm. to Birsay and Harray in 1599 ; trans. to Holm in 1607 ; trans. to Firth between 1608 and 1615 ; trans. and adm, about 1630 and was still min. here 22nd Oct. 1640. SWINTON, John (I369114)
120 Adopted Thomas Christie who was the son of Thomas Christie and ?
1871 James C. and his father Laurence "Smith owned Concession 13, Lots
6 & 7 Townsend Township, Norfolk County, ON, CAN. 
SMITH, James Christie (I78959)
121 After Alexander's death, Agnes married George, Earl of Linlithgow. WAUCHOPE, Agnes (I65823)
122 After having given birth to twins GOODLAD, Joan (I35186)
123 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I79006)
124 Aged 1 hour FULLERTON, May Jean (I235452)
125 Aged 1 hour CUMMING, James Raymond (I197612)
126 Aged 11 hours CUMMING, Margaret (I197610)
127 Aged 12 hours ANDERSON, Robert (I267347)
128 Aged 12 hours LAURENSON, Johan (I191730)
129 Aged 12 hours SINCLAIR, Mary (I81299)
130 Aged 15 minutes LEASK, Margaret Joyce (I197604)
131 Aged 2-1/2 hours. POTTINGER, ? (I88997)
132 Aged 22 months CUMMING, Catherine Ann (I72856)
133 Aged 3? LAURENSON, Joan (I50684)
134 Aged 4 hours CUMMING, John James (I197611)
135 Aged 5 days CHRISTIE, James Philip (I150519)
136 Aged 5 days POTTINGER, John (I65008)
137 Aged 5 weeks LEONARD, Helen (I187967)
138 Aged 5 weeks LEONARD, Helen (I2902961)
139 Aged 6 months LEONARD, William (I211605)
140 Aged 6 months LEONARD, William (I2926599)
141 Aged 8 hours FULLERTON, George (I55683)
142 Aged several months JACK, Gemma (I224030)
143 Alex spent his working days at sea and was a well known skipper.
He and his wife had issue, Doreen (London), Alex (Ontario), Norman (Canada), Marilyn (California). Evelyn (died aged 10), May (Texas U.S.A.) and James (Aberdeen). 
DUNCAN, Alexander (I42463)
144 Alexander fell down the stairs of a derelict building and fractured his skull. SMITH, Alexander Peter (I24668)
145 Alexander Fordyce came to Unst with Laurence Bruce of Cultmalindie, and married his daughter. FORDYCE, Alexander (I9293)
146 Alfred was a widower. MATTHEWS, Alfred Joseph (I79893)
147 Also present at 1785 census were: Catherine Morrison (b.1769), Lilias Scott (b.1781), Margaret Scott (b.1779) and John Goodlad (b. 1782). SINCLAIR, Charles (I132601)
148 Although Francis Grant notes that Margaret Baird was the wife of Olave/Ola Sinclair, there is no evidence that has come to light so far. BAIRD, Margaret (I12798)
149 Andrew Mowat had a daughter Katherine who married John Neven of Scousburgh and was mother of Ninian Neven – she was still alive in 1622 (Shetland Documents, 1580-1611, no.514; OA, SC11/5/1620/17; NAS, GD244, Box 72, no.30; NAS, DI1/79, reg. 29 Dec 1642). MOWAT, Katherine (I368282)
150 Andrew was in Edinburgh on 21 October 1698 (NAS, RD2/96, p.369); on 7 June 1746 Mr Andrew was described ‘of Pellmell, Westminster, apothecary’ (NAS, CS25, 21/2/1747). MITCHELL, Andrew (I367795)

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